LT – Light-weight Fabrics  
LT 51 - Sliding panels provide protection from sunlight
Architect: Niek Kemps

Prominent feature of LT Metal Fabrics are high tensile strength with an emphasis on light-weight and various degrees of transparency. They are appropriate for interior or exterior shading.

Sun Protection

The LT types cover a wide range of specification. The vary in their respective density, flexibility and aesthetic delicacy.
LT 51 New Secura provides additional resistance against cutting and punching tools. With black powder coating it is recommended for security doors and windows.


LT 120 is a fine - precreased - wire cloth. Is is ideal for partitions and decorative wall sidings. Its Transparency and reflectivity allow attractive light design.

Amro Bank, Sydney - LT 120
Fabricator: Interspace

  LT Fabrics combine functional and decorative properties in a sophisticated and durable manner.


The lobby of Scholz & Friends agency is clad with LT 42 panels

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