Woven metal wires  

Car Park 3 Airport Cologne-Bonn - AT 120
Architect: Murphy/Jahn

Technical precision and material aesthetics

Metal wire cloth and meshes were initially developed for filtration and sieving. Durability, chemical resistance, light-weight and flexibility are the dominant properties.

Architects and designers, however, appreciate woven metal even more for their unusual aesthetic appearance.

To serve these needs, iO Metal Fabrics offers a wide range of wire products. Due to special procedures these wire meshes have a reflective, shiny and homogenous surface.


Similar to common textiles, metal fabrics are manufactured on looms. The surface structure and overall visual appearance of metal fabrics are determined by the type of weave and the wire dimensions.

The general performance of stainless steel wire cloth and fabrics is excellent:

high tensile strength
chemically resistant
no weathering
dirt repellant
100% recyclable

Castle Vlotho - AT 70 Architect: LOMA Architects

McGill University - EGLA-TWIN AT 32
Special function: Sun Protection
Architect: KPMB

Exhibition Bologna - AT 70
Architect: Studio Cerri Associati Engineering, Mailand

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